Sarah McNeil #illustration


Today’s spotlight is on Sarah McNeil, an Australian artist and illustrator. Her illustrations are delicate and her animals have a cute quality about them that I adore. Recently Sarah has been focusing on publishing her own limited edition zines. I am so excited to share this sampling of Sarah McNeil’s work — make sure to check out her flickr account and website for more. Thank you Sarah! -eden

Sarah McNeil #illustrator

Artist Bio

Most of my time is spent making art and objects, exploring nature, and travelling to discover new and interesting experiences. My work is inspired by my adventures, by taking time to notice the small details of things, and by the relationships of living things to natural and unnatural environments.

Sarah completed a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Monash University, Melbourne, in 2007, and has been working full time as an artist and illustrator ever since. Her paintings, art books, and illustration work have been exhibited and published in Canada, the U.S, the U.K, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere around the world.

After living and working in Wellington, New Zealand for the past three years, Sarah has recently moved to Melbourne, Australia, setting up a studio here to make as much art as possible, and to decide on the next adventure.

Sarah McNeil #illustrator #wip

Sarah McNeil, Cicada #illustration


Sarah McNeil, White Wolf #illustration

White Wolf

Sarah McNeil, Terrible Things are Possible #illustration

Terrible Things are Possible

Sarah McNeil, New Zealand Birds and Animals #illustration

New Zealand Birds and Animals

Sarah McNeil #illustration

Lavender Falcon and Pony Hair

Sarah McNeil, Fox and Fir #illustration

Fox and Fir

Sarah McNeil #illustration


Sarah McNeil #illustration


Sarah McNeil #illustration #swan

Sea Green and Full of Spirits

Sarah McNeil, Quoll #illustration


Sarah McNeil, Husky #illustration


Sarah McNeil, Greyhound #illustration

Greyhound in sticks and grass. Risograph printed in blue ink on archival paper (Arches 300gsm hot pressed paper), then hand painted in pink and yellow gouache.

Sarah McNeil, Plant Feelings Zine

Plant Feelings Zine. Drawings and thoughts about our feelings towards plants. Colour cover with photocopy interior pages on green and yellow paper. By Ashley Ronning and Sarah McNeil, 2014. A6, 37 pages. Limited edition of 200, hand numbered.

Sarah McNeil #zine

BYE mini zine


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